In our model, the QUANTUM MIND serves both Being and Becoming. The QUANTUM MIND radiates through all things, living and otherwise. Just as the QUANTUM MIND expresses as each individual’s mind, so, each individual mind express its reality in the world.

The use of our mind is our responsibility, and spreads its influence to others depending upon the beliefs we hold dear and the choices we make.

Furthermore, the QUANTUM MIND may be considered the closest we can come in our attempts to describe the fabric of the Unknown. If it is described as “Intelligence,” it is not the dictionary definition of intelligence and, as such, it is beyond our ability to understand.

Our minds, however, are driven to understand. In spite of this, the fact is that the more we learn, the more the horizon of understanding advances ahead of us. Scientists seek to comprehend the structure of matter and creation and how all physical phenomena seem to be connected in some way. But this is not the purpose of the Quantum Mind website.

So, let the scientists pursue the macrocosm. Our focus of QUANTUM MIND is on how it applies to the microcosm: how we can use it to safely and effectively change our lives and beliefs in ways that radiate both within and without as healing.