There is a lot involved in what “Quantum” means which is beyond the scope of this website. This is not about the culture at large; this is about the individual and the strongly held beliefs that influence our individual thoughts, actions and feelings. The QUANTUM MATRIX can be described as a “mechanism of progress”. The conscious mind is anchored in this QUANTUM MATRIX and, if alert, can sense its presence. This MATRIX exists both within and outside of the individual and expresses as the “Innate Tendency” in all of nature to heal and develop, each according to its kind.

The term “QUANTUM MATRIX” is relatively new, but please be advised: It is verifiable, and has been described (using different words) since ancient times. The MATRIX contains both “Being and Becoming”, and we can add that it is “both changeless and ever-changing”—seeming contradictions. Because the MATRIX is both changeless and ever-changing, it also must express as the “appearance of both pattern and chaos”. So, in our model, we suggest an "appearance" of chaos because apparent chaos is merely a symptom of “change” which is not yet understood.

The QUANTUM MATRIX enables us to respond to this apparent chaos in ways which promote healthy new patterns – patterns that can both benefit the world and be enjoyed on a deeply personal level. And this is where we begin to understand how we, as individuals, can reveal who we truly are: It might seem that we’ve changed, but actually we have simply let go of what doesn’t belong, to make known to ourselves and others our Authentic Self.