Mandala by Paul Heussenstamm

The Living Prayer is our way of connecting with each of you in a very special way --heart to heart.

Participation in the prayer is open to all Beings, of any faith or tradition.

We thank you for keeping your expressions reflective of a Sacred communication.

To add your one-sentence expression to the Living Prayer, please click here. We encourage you to leave your first name so that we may include it next to your thought. The Living Prayer will be updated twice a month.

Universal Prayer

"It is my INTENTION during this time to join with others world-wide who are praying for Divine Awareness, for Peace and Fellowship. With no thought for my own issues, I OBSERVE my energy joining with theirs and I FEEL Love and Gratitude and Joy."

May I be the golden light that heals assisting all beings into higherconsciousness!!
Dr. Amelia Hardwick

I let go of every idea I have about myself, aligning myself with the will of the Divine. Staff

I pray with Sacred Purpose. And so in this moment, I invite the Power and Presence of that which I hold sacred in my life. Staff

I breathe heart to heart with the Universe, so that I may become Thy Infinite Wisdom.
Valtra Jansen
ACT Unlimited
Advanced Consciousness Technologies
(808) 263-6367

do not peer
from a window
for better seeing
rather, abide at
the center of
your being
for the more
you leave it
the less you learn
he is wise
who takes each
the way to do is
to be
lao tzu

I break myself open to receive more love-to be a conduit for the expression of love on this planet.

Give me more faith, Lord.
Fill me to overflowing with
the faith that moves mountains.

Every day, in every way, let my life be a prayer flame of thankfulness for the abundance of the creator. Every day, in every way, let my life be a reflection of the love of the creator for all beings. Every day, in every way, let my life be a celebration, a dance of joy.
Amen I support and endorse The Principles of Unification.

May The Light of The Morning Star shine upon our earth.

Hope is being able to imagine God's possibilities in the face of the world's impossibilities

Nadine Tatum Living Prayer Every day in every way, my life a prayer of gratitude for the abundance that surrounds me.

Before the earth...before the sun.....before all things there is a spirit that leads to me

What is all incompassing cannot be separate..

Let the one who existed before existence itself bless me.

He is there and He is not silent, the one true and living God.

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