Dissolve my illusions, bring me a dream, create for my life more joy than I could possibly imagine for myself, overflowing into the collective of All. Nancy

As the line from the song says... "More love, more joy, than age or time could ever destroy..." This is my prayer for us all... Lisa Schenk, LPC

Believe that none of the effort you put into coming closer to God is ever wasted even if in the end you don't achieve what you are striving for. Rebbe Nachman of Breslov

I trust you God

My Dear Friend: The only way to experience the Unknown is to surrender to it -- fully, absolutely, and without expectation. Then it is no longer our matter; it is a matter of the Divine and according to Divine timing. We do not "move" or "purpose" ourselves into a state of Divine awareness; we "lifted" by unseen hands. Oh, such inutterabale joy. Much love to you, Lenore! Jeri Peterson

I am willing to learn how to more deeply trust the Divine Self acting within me. Staff

I affirm my trust in the knowing that before I ask, You have answered. And I thank You for providing me everything that I need in this Eternal Moment of Now. Staff

With each Moment I move closer to thee, at the speed of Dark and with the power of Light. Michael

I choose to serve the PLAN of the Living Matrix... Jerry Wesch Health Psychology Consultations

Live life not caring what people say or think about you, whether it is true or not. (My favorite line from "Illusions", by Richard Bach) Rick Streitfeld Art Windows

The source for human connectivity is in quantum entanglement J.U.

That all are brought to the desire to cooperate and consider all others. Sandra L. Swanson

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