Forgive me dear God for my praying, asking for resolutions to my difficulties or fulfilling my desires.

I now realize that you have a plan and a purpose for me. It is I who needs to give into your desires and all will be perfect

I am free. I enjoy freedom. I desire continued freedom. Freedom from limitation. Freedom from sickness. Freedom from worry. Freedom from despare. I am free to enjoy all things good. I am free to be happy, well, confident and loved. Tom Madison

AM the WILLING instrument of Spirit's sweet song, I AM the breath playing the instrument, I AM the song, I AM the spontaneous inspiration that fully realizes the entirety of said composition before each breath, and I AM ALL THAT I AM, ALL IN ALL. Karen

I only have one wish in life; that our hearts beat as one so that we become one with the universe. Harry

Lisa a seven year old girl who is suffering from cancer Allan, an adult who also has cancer

At our core and in every atom of our bodies is the Infinite Field of all potential and the Source of Love. May we, even for just a moment, forget all we think we know and surrender to this Field." Lenore

Please bless my life and my new job. Please help the energies working with me to draw a perfect love into my life. Sincerely, Holden

Please give Thomas strength and happiness in all aspects of his life.

Please transform my human thoughts to those of liquid Golden Light, so my life may express the truth of the Divine. Nancy

To Lisa and Allen and all of us who reach toward the Unknowable in prayer: We are opened to the Life that springs from Love Itself. With thanks, Lenore

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