– (name withheld)

May, 1994 (name withheld): “I feel like I have received a lot of help about my finger picking from our two sessions. Last week I was able to stop picking and feel the feeling of not picking. This feeling, while not overwhelming, is a very unpleasant sensation that sweeps over me. In the few days following my last session I was able to experience feeling the empty space inside me being filled with unconditional love, and it was a huge help in keeping the desire to pick down.
“Over the weekend my healing hands seemed to demand picking, and I was not as effective at stopping. I noticed that the compulsion was intense even in bed, where I don’t ever remember it before. Monday, usually my worst day, I picked some, but was able to stop myself many times. Since then, I have done almost no picking and the desire to do it is almost gone too.
“…you really helped me to focus on finding some solutions to this problem and that the solutions and techniques have been very effective for me… Thank you. With gratitude and affection.”

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