This is the dynamic model from which I teach and run my life. Some of its origins were acquired and some patterns intuited.

Let me start with a little metaphor called The Really Smart Car

Imagine a car waiting for me in my driveway. When I approach, it senses my presence and when I touch the door handle, it identifies me as its owner. As I slide into the seat, it senses how my current level of ability measures up to its vast power. And it adjusts accordingly. If I am up to the task, there is nothing it can’t do. But because my skill level is low on this day, it won’t let me get out of 2nd gear, and no matter how hard I push on the gas pedal, it won’t go above 28 miles per hour – 7 mph around corners. And those performance ratings are just not acceptable to me.

In this situation, I have two choices: - I can let the car teach me. As my responses show that I’m learning, it offers me feedback and new options – perhaps 3rd gear. OR - I can curse its stubbornness and complain because it doesn’t provide the satisfaction I had craved. The frustration of the latter and willingness of the former are both available as energies, and it is my use of energy that is going to drive my ability to accomplish my goals.

So there, so much for the little metaphor. What I hope it implies is that there is the mechanism, and there is the energy that gives the mechanism power… and also there am I, in “the driver’s seat” with all my flaws, conditioning, potentials and hope. Both formless energy, and the mechanism that gives it form, can be understood and used by my still evolving mind to expand, develop and create my full potential. The QUANTUM MIND is the name chosen here for the energy available in the realm of all possibilities.

And now…about the QUANTUM MATRIX. Well… In our Model, QUANTUM MATRIX is the name used for the mechanism which produces our experiences based on our choices. It is the scaffolding of the experience that expresses in my world, as the outcome of my choices. It gives form to all things: intelligence or ignorance, kindness or cruelty, courage or fear. QUANTUM MATRIX doesn’t judge or resist.

And to put it another way, “Keep your heart with all diligence for out of it come the issues of life.” So let me conclude by sharing my Bottom Line: I believe that it is up to me to be mindful of what is going on in my heart every minute of my life—to the best of my ability. And as I manage this ability, both the energy and the mechanism serve me in like manner.