The Quantum Mind helps us develop our Healing Connection both to it and The Whole of which it is a part. Each person intuitively knows what this connection might do for them and there are many ways to consciously invite this healing, ever-present help.

Quantum Mind is a name coming from both ancient and modern knowledge. And we’re not necessarily activating sizable changes here because size has little to do with significance! As a matter of fact, a quantum leap is the very smallest movement of the smallest measurable packet of energy in a specific direction. It is the direction that becomes important. And Quantum Mind helps inform us of the true direction if we are willing to ask, wait and listen.

Although some of us do feel that only such a major change will break us free, most seek to avoid abrupt paradigm shifts. Such dramatic changes are usually unnecessary -- unless it is truly for the highest good and the individual can embrace it safely. In any case, the Quantum Mind guides while trust in its commitment and an ability to listen and communicate is being developed.

This Healing Connection comes through the energy of flow rather than force.

Such small, gentle shifts open to grand new possibilities—shifts that keep us moving beyond thoughts, feelings or actions that, in the past, have kept us “stuck”. Lenore Alexa Waring, the Creator of this website and of The Junction Training seeks to inspire and assist those of us ready to free ourselves.

The Junction Training is a good way to begin this process. It offers strategic theories and experiences for personal transformation, emotional healing, creative change, emotional intelligence and mental composure. This might seem like an almost impossible task -- and it is...unless we learn how to connect to the Quantum Mind -- the true conduit of power.