– Bernice G

“I am pleased to be a reference for Ms. Lenore Waring. She consistently and conscientiously has provided me with realistic tools that have helped me work through every area of my life. Ms. Waring provides her services with the utmost integrity and warmth. I have found her to be highly reputable, and her extra-ordinary insight has been invaluable to my life, especially in renewing my joy and confidence and ability to settle and connect with myself…I plan to continue to avail myself of Ms. Waring’s services and have not hesitated to refer my closest friends and colleagues to her…” “Thank you, Lenore, I have found myself through you. You’re continuing to help me turn my weaknesses into strengths and I’m so grateful …Thank you for touching my soul and helping me find resolution… May God bless you richly always.”

– Kathy M

Mind opening…! Thanks for the opportunity and gift of your time.”
From L.S.: Thanks Lenore! Your talk was very …thought provoking… Recognizing our body signals is definitely an emergent process. We really appreciate your sharing with us.”
From Rachel: “Thank you for reminding us to take care of ourselves and to listen to our own signals – …much help while raising children!

– Susan W

October, 2001 from Susan W: “…This is to acknowledge the extraordinary session with you September 13th. You gently, but powerfully, guided me to shift from fear and dread…to being able to consciously move to a place of calmness and confidence…Each time I started to panic, I used the process you taught me… When I got upset that my attorney was not able to negotiate with the accounting office for my doctor (who did so poorly at accident #1 arbitration) and get them to reduce the $2300 balance they had on their books, I … went into the integrity of who I am. I took over the matter. I calmly guided their accountant through the MedPay disallowed, then explained with specific examples how the doctor did not perform at the arbitration. Without my asking, the rep offered (and of course I accepted) to remove the balance due entirely…thank you for your empowering work.”